Updates on CBC (aka "where the heck have we been?)

Updates on CBC (aka "where the heck have we been?)


Our last CBC event was on June 6th - over 3 months ago. For context, CBC-Twin Cities has been going since 2017 and the only reason we've had a break longer than 3 months was due to COVID. Before that, the longest break we had in events was about 1.5 months, and even that felt long.

This wasn't a planned hiatus - we still love CBC and the people we get to meet at each event. However, Nestor and I are getting to a point where our lives are busy and our calendars are not our own. Case in point:

  • I turned 30 this summer, am married, and baby #3 is due early October. Babies #1 and #2 have been fixtures of CBC for nearly their entire lives and are 5 and 2.5.
  • Nestor is...over 30 (but less than 35!), is also married, and just had his first daughter turn 1.

Our priorities have shifted a bit, rightly so, but we also see the value of CBC and desire to keep it going strong. To do so, we are doing three things to help make CBC-Twin Cities more sustainable and continue on the mission of connecting Twin Cities Catholics:

1. We are going to growing the Leadership Team

This first one seems like the obvious answer to "we are slowing down", but since our very first event, CBC-Twin Cities has only ever had three coordinators. Our joke has been that it is pretty low overhead - and that really hasn't been too much of a joke. But there is more we can do, better ways to sustain the community we've built, and ways to be more consistent.

We are looking for nominations of people to join our Leadership Team. We don't have specific skill sets or experience required, but we are looking for people who:

  • Are faithful, practicing Catholics
  • Like talking to people, particularily people they haven't met before
  • Are willing to help grow CBC, evangelize through building community, and bring people closer to Christ.

If you have people in mind, please nominate them! We are looking to start adding people in November, making October the time to get nominations, interviews, and build the team.

2. More consistent events are coming

But not necessarily CBC events as you know them! We've heard the desire for a more prayer-focused event and have tried a few things in the past that haven't panned out. So, we are going to join in with St. Mary's Catholic Church in Lowertown St. Paul for their Beads & Beers event most Tuesday evenings. Like CBC, Beads & Beers is exactly as it sounds:

  • Pray Evening Prayer at St. Mary's
  • Say a rosary while walking around Lowertown St. Paul as a group
  • End the evening at Barrell Theory Brewing for fellowship

We'll get more event details posted for that soon, but this event series will offer a more ground, faith-filled, and consistent opportunity for people to plan around.

3. Keep our normal events going

I'll be honest - we've had a lot of fun with CBC over the years and the response from our local community has been amazing. While growing our leadership team and offering connections to new events will help us sustain CBC, our core mission is to be an entry point and place of connection for local Catholics. We know a lot people who come to CBC are new to their faith, the Twin Cities, or both. We also a lot of people are bought in, well involved, and just seeking a social event to further build their own friendships, expand their community, and grow in appreciation for good beer.

As I've said before: if CBC is the only Catholic thing you are doing, you are doing it wrong. But if you are coming to CBC to dive into your faith more, build up our local Church, or just hang out with friends - well, we are really glad you keep coming back.

So that is where we've been and where we are headed. I really hope you'll continue to join us in making CBC-Twin Cities a valuable part of our local community. If you have ideas of other things we can do, feedback, or just want to say hi you can email us at: [email protected].

See you all soon!