About CBC-Twin Cities

Catholic Beer Club - Twin Cities was started in 2017 as a way to build friendships, community, and appreciation for good beer for all Twin Cities Catholics.

Since then, CBC has welcomed hundreds of Catholics to events that bring people together, focus on organically growing a community centered on Christ, and further connecting the already thriving Twin Cities Catholic community.

Our events are pretty simple, with no agenda or format and we stay focused on three basic things.


Friendships are at the core of every strong community and CBC is a place where people at all parts of their faith journey can get to know one another. We've been a place where new friendships are made, old friendships are rekindled, and future spouses have met each other (sidenote: this is not Catholic Dating Club - we have tons have singles, marrieds, religious, young familes, and more established elders join us each time).


There are many thriving Catholic parishes, organizations, and groups in the Twin Cities, but one of the challenges we saw is that those groups are not always well connected. CBC aims to be a "townsquare" - a single place that can bring people together in the name of Jesus and strengthen connections.

Appreciation for Good Beer

We'll admit it: we are beer snobs. That being said, CBC isn't just a bunch of bearded millennials drinking IPAs (that's just Tim). We believe that beer, consumed in moderation, is a complex and unique brew that, like the people that come together over a pint, is complicated and tells it's own story.

Come hang out!

Read this whole thing and still intrigued? Join us at an event!