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Catholic Beer Club - Twin Cities

Getting a little bored sitting inside? While it seems like things are slowly opening up, we won't be able to have a Catholic Beer Club or Catholic Softball Group event in person for a little longer so we are doing a virtual trivia night!

The evening is free to join and will be all about getting to see other humans again and testing your mad trivia skills!

We'll be using Zoom Breakout room and Google Forms to reduce the technical headaches and make trivia easy for everyone! You can sign up day of, but signing up in advance will reduce the setup time and get to the trivia quickly!

Schedule of Events
6:30pm - We'll send out the Zoom link via Facebook
7:00pm - Trivia starts!
8:00pm - Trivia ends!

This event is free to join, but we highly encourage donations to the Catholic Community Foundation Relief Fund that is helping out Catholic organizations struggling due to COVID-19 or your parish.

Date + Time
Wednesday, May 27
7pm to 8pm


Want to help pick the next location? Let us know!

CBC is all about building community, friendships, and appreciation for good beer. Everyone is welcome and we want everyone to feel comfortable. If you are not comfortable with a situation, please contact the coordinators right away!


Catholic Beer Club - Twin Cities is a group dedicated to helping build the Twin Cities Catholic Community. We focus on:
Connecting the many Catholics across the metro areaProviding an accessible entry point to the Catholic communityBuilding relationships with friends new and old
We meet at a different brewery every three weeks. Our events are published on the national Catholic Beer Club Facebook page. Look for events titled "CBC-Twin Cities". We also have a newsletter that goes out one week before each event (in case you don't use/hate social media) and an Instagram where we prove this group is run by millennials. Check us out so you don't miss an event!

There is no agenda, just a focus on building authentic friendships and strong community. Bring your friends, co-workers, family members, random people on the street (ask nicely first), and anyone else you know!

Coordinators Note:
This is a family-friendly event! Most breweries have a very friendly and welcoming environment. One of our coordinator's family comes and it is a great place to meet other Catholic families! If you have questions about the brewery or specific event, message us!


Have a question about CBC? Shoot us a note! We try to respond pretty quickly!

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We send out an email blast one week before each event. We also include some awesome resources for Catholics in the Twin Cities to check out!

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